“Political Salsa” 

Hosted by the Puerto Rican Bar Association of Florida

Political Salsa is a non-partisan political mixer where candidates are able to gain exposure and get their message across to a large and diverse audience, but most especially to the growing Hispanic/Puerto Rican community of Central Florida. This year we are partnering up with the Hispanic Federation, a non-profit organization as well as the Libre Initiative. Additionally, we’ve partnered with Seacoast Bank and a host of other sponsors and media outlets. There will be meet and greet opportunities for the candidates to meet their constituents and colleagues face to face for food, fundraising opportunities and volunteer efforts, giving it a convention type of atmosphere with a format of a forum. 


El Centro Borincano, an iconic building in East Orlando, in the center of the Hispanic/Puerto Rican community and provides a great promotional opportunity for both the candidates and the sponsors.


 This event will be advertised on Spanish language media 4 weeks prior to the event. So that's 4 weeks of advertisements for the candidates. For a company sponsor their logo's will be included in all event promotional material as well as their logo being placed on all social media platforms, FaceBook, Periscope, Twitter, etc. Your company logo or campaign ad will also be prominently displayed at the event as well. Sponsorship details listed below. 


 Salsa Package "Mild" - $250.00 

•           Table in location for distribution of material

•           Interviews with radio and  personalities 

•           Interview with panel of reporters and other candidates in your race

Salsa Package "Hot" - $500

•           Prime Table Location

•           Prime Booth location during cocktail reception

•           The PRBA will Produce a 30 spot for your campaign, to be ultimately released to you at your discretion for future use on any social media platform of your choice as well as the Puerto Rican Bar Association’s website.

 Political Salsa Package “Picante” - $1000

•           20 tickets for your staff for entrance including food.

•           Optimal table location, 

•           Optimal Booth location during cocktail reception

•           Live interview by I Need To Know Podcast Host “Anthony Suarez” and streaming live on INTK’s Face Book page.

•           Post Event Live interview with WONQ radio host William Diaz and Christine Figueroa with La Prensa.

•           The PRBA will Produce a 30 spot for your campaign, to be played at Political Salsa throughout the evening on all monitors, and then ultimately released to you at your discretion for your future use on any social media platform of your choice as well as the Puerto Rican Bar Association’s website.  

 Logo displayed throughout the evening to the live audience on our large screen TV.  

Our forum will feature a panel of noted journalist who are committed to covering the event as well as Spanish media who are sponsoring both print and radio advertisement for our event. Some of those include Scott Powers with the Orlando Sentinel, Guillermo Hanson with the Osceola Star, Frank Torres with the Orlando Political Observer, Christine Figueroa with La Prensa, William Diaz with WONQ Radio 1030AM the host of “Cara y Cara”. 


This year we will be live streaming the event in order to augment the audience that will be participating. We will also have a special package sponsorship, including a 30 second video spot of the candidates or elected officials that we will produce for their use on social media or for television ads for their campaigns. Our website is Politicalsalsa.net.  We invite you to visit for general information and to get an idea of how the event looked last year.  


Ultimately we’d like your participation, input, and want to give your candidate an opportunity to meet our community and hear it’s needs, concerns, and values. If you are interested you may pay the admittance fee of $20 in advance through the website or $25 at the door and enjoy the event, we'd love to have you.  


Feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.